St Beds Grammar School - Phase 3


St Beds Grammar School - Phase 3 image
St Beds Grammar School - Phase 3 image
St Beds Grammar School - Phase 3 image
St Beds Grammar School - Phase 3 image
St Beds Grammar School - Phase 3 image
St Beds Grammar School - Phase 3 image
In 2010 SJM Where again successful in procuring a third and largest contract at St Beds Grammar School this time working with Irwin Construction & the diocese of Leeds to provide labor plant & materials to build a large x4 story extension additionally to this SJM also procured the demolition & forming openings and site clearance to the existing building this formed a two contract package. This proved to be our most challenging project to date due to the size and logistics of the build the assess was extremely limited and all materials had to enter the building from one single access point and be moved around the external scaffold by hand as you can imagine this was extremely time consuming, add to this one of the worse winters in years and you have a project that suddenly becomes impossible to put a program to. To manage this project SJM where given a permanent site office and our director S.Molloy relocated himself to site with a additional on site foreman, this was essential to this contract to help claw back this program after a winter that lasted into march, contract value £195,000.

Unfortunately Irwins Construction went into administration leaving a large list of defective works to be completed to the new extension at St Beds Grammar School, as SJM had worked on all three projects to the school we where invited by the diocese of Leeds and Adas architects to tender for the remaining defects work. This involved everything from joinery to small M&E works to ground work and even removal of contaminated waste trough a drain Irwins had just left unfinished. After a meeting with all involved the decision was made to appoint SJM to carry out the the defects work to the school, this had a contract value of £50,000
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SJM managed the rebuilding and renovation of a grade 2 listed building on the land we acquired for our new medical centre. This building was structurally unsound and on the verge of needing to be demolished. SJM made the structure safe and then more >quote bottom
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