Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 2


Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 2 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 2 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 2 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 2 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 2 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 2 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 2 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 2 image
Start Date : March 2011
Completed Date : July 2011
In Spring 2011 SJM where contacted by the Ridge Medical Center and asked to tender for the reaming Internal work to the 18th century listed buildings, later that month SJM where again appointed as the main contractor, this time working directly for the Ridge Medical Center.

M&E Works
: The newly formed meeting rooms & cafe are as well as the cottage had to be fully rewired with new switches,light fittings & alarms fitted all to the clients specification and conforming with the listed planning. Additionally to this x2 new heating systems where fitted one to the cottage and a larger system to the meeting rooms and cafe building this also included x1 new bathroom and kitchen to the cottage as well as fittings for the utility room and x2 wc's and a fully fitted cafe kitchen to the cafe area.

: Again this was a extremely challenging are of the build, we where asked to create a new looking finish to the internal layout of the building creating straight walls with sharp edges using traditional methods and materials.  Due to the age of the building most of the internal walls required  at least 60mm of lime plaster to gain the straight edges required, each wall required at least x3 visits to achieve this. The materials use for this where a lime lite renovation plaster & finish this had to be mixed by hand for 30mins per mix.

Second Fix Joinery
: To mach the original building fittings we laid new 9 inch soft would floor boards, the cafe, meeting room 2 and both ladings where sanded down and given a hardening varnish to give a glossed finish. New soft would 6 inch skirting s and architraves where fitted to all rooms along with new solid hard would fire doors and vision panels and x2 new kitchens where fitted one to the cottage and one to the cafe.

Painting & Decorating
:  Light and bright coolers where used to give a new and modern feel to the historic building using new paints made purposely for historic buildings.

:  Carpet tiles where used in all of the offices and to the cottage carpets of the clients choice where used.

This was a extremely challenging project from start to finish and presented many different structural and architectural problems that we had to over come, but with a good management team on site and experienced trades men to hand the project was finished on time and to a excellent standard. SJM are extremely proud of this project and the comments given from the client please feel free to look at the testimonials and the photo gallery and judge for yourself.
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SJM construction brought a fresh way of thinking to this build preferring to re dress all the stone on site and re use to re build and restore the external walls this helped us to save cost against something was had originally thought would have need...read more >quote bottom
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