Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 1


Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 1 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 1 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 1 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 1 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 1 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 1 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 1 image
Ridge Medical Centre - Phase 1 image
Start Date : December 2009
Completed Date : September 2010
In late 2009 SJM construction where appointed by ISG Regions & the Ridge medical Center to start work on x5 18th century cottages, these where to be turned into x3 meeting rooms and a new Cafe and seating area, one of the cottages we to remain a x2 bed room cottage. These formed part of the overall project that was the new heath center, Cafe and meeting rooms.
The buildings had suffered from fire damage and vandalism and had been left uninhabited for years, many parts of the main building had fallen in and the buildings where in a extremely dangerous state.
SJM where contracted to carry out the 1st phase works to this project this included.

Demolition & Salvage: This evolved removing all the debris from the building by hand as we could not use any machinery due to the age of the building, separating all bricks and stone and cleaning and storing on pallets for re-use. Taking down any unstable walls and numbering them to allow for them to be rebuilt as they would have been originally.

RE- Construction of Internal Walls & Fitting Steels
: The inside of the building was extremely unstable and needed to be supported by a internal scaffold system to allow SJM assess to carry out the reconstruction of a new internal supporting wall, this was constructed from the original basement wall up to the roof, this was the only area on the whole contract that we where allowed to used new materials in the form of concrete solid blocks and cement. This was due to the age of the building and the fact that the building its self needed to tbe stableised from within, from this point the structural steels where fitted to each floor these agin where all lifted in by traditoanl methods such as block and tackle and staging scaffold.

Stone Replacement & Site Carving
: SJM had skilled stone carvers on site and at there yard carving stone to match the existing 18th century stone work on site, this ranged from coursed heavily pitched faced stone to stone heads mullions and cills, all of which had to have the same tooling to mach the existing this had to be done on site. The front of the building was the largest area of the building that had to be fully rebuilt, this was done using old photos taken when it was still standing we had to number all the stones we could mach to the existing and make new stone to mach the old using only the photos given, this was a time consuming job but as you can see it was a job well done. All the stone work was bedded on a lime mix this mix, we used x2 different types for this contract one was a 3/2/1 mix of Building sand River sand and hydrolic lime this was used on the structural walls and the second mix of 3x2x1+1 was the same mix but with extra lime putty added this was used on the external walls and feature work each mix took one hour to complete.

Re-Pointing & Cleaning: The intyer building had to have all the loose pointing removed and then washed down by hand using traditional methods so as not to damage the existing stone work again this was extremely time consuming.  Once complete the whole building had to be re pointed using a lime putty mixed with a river sand, this had to be mixed for 45mins per mix and then left to settle for 15mins.

Bespoke Joinery: SJM had a number of highly skilled joiners on this contract and there ages ranged from 19 to 60 years old, this mix of age and youth was essential to this project.  This project had many aspects of bespoke joinery, one of the most challenging was the reforming of the original roof and pinikals, all of which had to be designed from archive photos and made in shop. As well as reforming the roof we also made and fitted new box-sash windows and solid doors to all of the existing window and door openings again this was done using archive photos.

Roofing: The roof area was re laid using a mix of old and new styles, ranging from recycled  insulation to new breathable felt and finished with a reclaimed Burlington slate all fitted using traditional methods.
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SJM construction brought a fresh way of thinking to this build preferring to re dress all the stone on site and re use to re build and restore the external walls this helped us to save cost against something was had originally thought would have need...read more >quote bottom
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